New Release Announcement

Funeral Suite and Pampas of TIger Wind Albums

Well, girls and boys (and all those in-between), Big Day!!! 

The global release of the fourth VaporLoQ album on December 10, Pampas of Tiger Windis now available for preview and purchase on most music streaming websites worldwide.

Pampas of Tiger Wind and the upcoming release in October, 2024 She Gave Me Butterflies could be the most accessible VaporLoQ albums if you're looking for an easy entry point into VaporLoQ music. The songs of both albums have fewer left hooks and right turns, providing listeners with a more fluid passageway into the VaporLoQ music world.

The third VaporLoQ album, Funeral Suite, released on October 10, is now available for listening and purchasing on most music streaming sites worldwide. You can also preview and purchase the songs for both albums on this site. 

You could call Pampas the little sibling of Funeral Suite, Ursa Minor, so to speak. VaporLoQ released two major albums in 2023. Bonus! 

Studio production on the fifth VaporLoQ album, She Gave Me Butterflies, is completed and submitted to the labels for distribution to the music sites for release on October 10, 2024. 

Recording on the sixth VaporLoQ album, Amateur Maniac, has begun for release on December 10, 2024.

VaporLoQ has attracted much attention and new fans on many international Internet radio stations and has broadcasted into chain fast-food restaurants, eateries, pubs, clinics, offices, warehouses, factories, service shops, stores, malls, and supermarkets in almost every country. It's funny thinking of hearing VaporLoQ in these environments. Maybe one-day VaporLoQ will be in movies or videos, a logical transition for the group: just pontificating. 

On this website, you can explore the released VaporLoQ albums Case of The Unfortunate Landing (2021), Raven Ridge (2022), Funeral Suite (2023), Pampas of Tiger Wind (2023), and the unreleased She Gave Me Butterflies.

I have received numerous emails inquiring about my musical history. For the curious, I have created a temporary page, as my distributors feel I should disclose some details of my music background. Whew! Talk about peer pressure. Eventually, I will replace this page with a Bio page written by a professional biographer for promotional purposes.

VaporLoQ is a rock instrumental group composed, engineered, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by David Turner (Wordscapes® Productions.)

Thank you to all the VaporLoQ fans for your support over the years. It means a lot.

I hope you enjoy these new VaporLoQ songs and that they quickly become your sanctuary, companion and friend.

Stay safe.

The VaporLoQ Team

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